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Ontario freight management and logistics company

We cover more ground and more directions

Carriers tend to specialize in LTL or truckload, domestic or cross border transportation. We do all equally well and manage the traffic flow from a single location. That reduces costs for you and simplifies the number of resources you need to manage your freight.

Our LTL specialty

Our LTL shipping expertise benefits you best in shipments between 1-12 skids between Canada and the USA. We manage the greatest amount of freight for our clients for those 26 states east of the Mississippi to and from Ontario markets.

Expedite service

When standard transit times just aren’t good enough, Connectrans offers time-sensitive services ranging from direct drive over the road, or a combination of road & air. From a cargo van transporting engineered prototypes to a chartered aircraft transporting a critical shipment needed to keep your manufacturing plant in motion, our experienced team delivers the time-critical service you require.

Improved transit times and LTL cost savings

For your added convenience, inquire about our 30 minute quick quote and State Wide Rates!

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