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Freight shipping services

We’re easy to do business with

We have examined every aspect of our operation with the sole intent of making Connectrans “extremely customer friendly” and a fantastic resource for the effective management of your freight.

30 minute quick quote

We will ask the right questions, take the right notes and get back to you with your quote in 30 minutes within normal business hours. We can price by the skid or by the linear foot–whichever works better for you. If it is something more complex, we’ll get the additional details and advise the timing for your quotation. Thirty minute quick quote: That’s a promise!

Dedicated to you

We get to know you and your freight on a personal basis. How? By having the same dedicated individual assigned to your account on a daily basis. When you call or email, you’re communicating with the person that knows you and your regular shipment requirements best. That not only saves you explanation time it gives you an extra comfort level and assurance of performance. Dedicated to you: That’s a promise!

State Wide Rates

For your 1- 4 skid LTL requirements between Ontario and the 26 states east of the Mississippi, we have a unique program that gives a simplified rate structure per state. No beyond charges, no surprises. State Wide Rates: That’s a promise!

Contact us today at or call 888.876.0227 for further details.

Custom reporting

One of the toughest things for logistics companies to accommodate is real-time shipment information across multiple carrier platforms. We make sure you have all the answers necessary in managing your supply chain requirements. Connectrans puts a human face on shipment updates, providing you with all the information you need, when you need it.

The bottom line is: we will find a way to get you the shipment data when and how you need it. Custom reporting: That’s a promise!

Guaranteed flexible

Possibly the most important part of the Connectrans culture is the approach we take to customer service. How many times have you tried to accomplish something with a carrier or logistics professional and get the response “We can’t do that”?

It may be a challenge but we do find ways to say “we can”. There may be an added cost and if so, we will also provide alternative suggestions that might accomplish the same net result. If you need things your way, we’re flexible and able to do just that. Guaranteed flexible: That's a promise!